Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition ~ Femininity comes from within

I feel very privileged to have been accepted by more than 50 wonderful women who allowed me to photograph them for a breast reconstruction charity portrait exhibition that took me two and half years to produce. Each sitting was very personal for each lady and we talked about their individual experience of breast cancer and breast reconstruction options.

I am so proud that working with the charity, Keeping Abreast, the collection includes ladies from around the UK, and has become a truly national representation of women and their strength and beauty. We have exhibited across the UK between 2013 and 2016, with a very special week at the House of Commons in October 2015.

When capturing the images, I used a sensitive photographic style to bring out the individual beauty and positivity of each woman and I also wanted to give the essence of a classical painting.

While each woman has been completely individual, with their own experiences and reasons for being involved, there has been a core running through all of them - their own strength and personal willingness to want to do something to help others. I am convinced that this is why the power of the images as a collection works so well - each one different, but together showing en masse that they are feminine, strong and positive through adversity.

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